Your Game Stats at Your Fingertips!

If you want to know how well you’re doing in battle, you need detailed statistics that allow you to closely track your combat performance, including your effectiveness with various vehicles. To make this easier, we’re adding a new feature with Update 1.5.1 called Session Statistics. This addition will help you get lots of useful data regarding your battle performance.

Random Battles on Full Display

Session Statistics will be available right in your Garage, appearing to the left of the Notification Center button.

Your daily statistics will be recorded for all Random Battles, excluding Grand Battles, for each game session or each game day.

  • The game session is the time interval from launching the game client until the player manually resets the statistics.
  • The game day is the time period from the reset of the daily activities until the next reset.

Thanks to Session Statistics, you will be able to see detailed combat performance data, including your effectiveness in a specific vehicle. For example, regarding the economic aspects of World of Tanks, you will be able to obtain:   

  1. General stats on income (Bonds, Credits, XP and Free XP) per battle
  2. General stats on expenses (Bonds, Credits)

In addition, you will be able to get the most detailed battle statistics for the current game session, including:

  • Average blocked damage
  • Average damage dealt/taken coefficient
  • The average XP gained   

Your statistics will be automatically reset once a day. You can also reset them yourself in the game client at any time if you wish.

The Hall of Fame and the WTR Rating  

Session Statistics also gives you direct access to the Hall of Fame, so you can view even more detailed statistics, down to a specific game day or period of time. In addition, Session Statistics allows you to instantly find out your current WTR rating.

NOTE: In 2017 we introduced WTR, a new rating system which calculates an individual rating for each tank, and these vehicle-specific scores are then used to assess a player’s overall performance. This rating responds flexibly to changes of combat strategy as it evaluates your stats against average indicators across the server. So, after you select a tank, it ranks your performance indicators according to their relevance for the particular vehicle

WTR is a much more informative and complex rating system compared to Win Rate or other ratings which neglect a vehicle's nuances. WTR delivers the most relevant stats, while these other rating systems lack the criteria needed to determine if a player is skillful or just plays in different modes. Now you can find out your average WTR for the entire session or for a different time period.

In addition to quick and easy access via Session Statistics, we’ve also added the following to the Hall of Fame:

  • Your lifetime game statistics
  • Daily fluctuations in overall statistics   

Delta: Measuring Your Performance

Session Statistics will help you understand how your current game session has affected your lifetime stats, thanks to a metric called "Delta". In mathematics, "Delta" is the difference between two values. In our case, the “Delta” being measured is the impact of the battles in your current session on your lifetime battle stats.

Thanks to these Delta metrics, you can find out if you’ve played better or worse than usual by evaluating your performance with the following parameters:

  • Difference between the average damage done during the current session and your lifetime average damage
  • Difference between average experience for all battles based on current statistics and average experience for all battles excluding the current session
  • Difference between WTR for all your battles during the current session and WTR for all battles, excluding the current session

Detailed Statistics on Your Vehicles

Session Statistics gives you access to detailed statistics on the vehicles you’ve played. You can check on:

  • The total number of battles you’ve played in this vehicle throughout the session
  • The difference between the vehicle’s average WTR for all battles during the current session and the vehicle’s average WTR for all battles, excluding the current session

Finally, Session Statistics provides quick access to the following information via vehicle tooltip:

  • Mark of Excellence progress (in %)
  • The amount of XP earned by a player with this vehicle throughout the session
  • The amount of Credits earned with this vehicle for all battles throughout the session
  • The ratio of damage dealt/received throughout the session

Knowledge is power, Commanders! Take advantage of the wide functionality of Session Statistics to be more effective on the battlefield!



Why were the parameters that are currently displayed in the statistics chosen?

The system shows blocks of information: progression, in-game currency fluctuations, and a player's personal battle performance. The parameters were chosen to describe these gameplay components as fully as possible.

What are the parameters of the "damage caused/received" and "vehicles destroyed/was destroyed" ratios? What are they for and what do they show?

These parameters show the real performance of a player outside of the vehicle tier context. While the general average parameters, for example, average damage, depend fully on the vehicle tier (you play five battles on a Tier X vehicle, then play on a Tier VII vehicle, and your average damage will drop significantly), the damage ratio remains up-to-date when playing vehicles of any tiers throughout a session.

The "vehicles destroyed/was destroyed" parameter simultaneously takes two variables into account: the average number of destroyed vehicles and the battles survived parameter.

The higher these parameters in your statistics, the better.

What is the "assistance" parameter?

This is the amount of damage caused with a player's assistance (damage upon spotting and upon destroying the track of an enemy vehicle).

Why are the statistics reset once a day? Do you plan to change this in the future to show the statistics for longer periods of time?

The statistics are stored on the server and this limitation was introduced to avoid overloading it. Also, the notion of a session itself presupposes a certain period of time. A game session usually lasts one day, hence the choice.

Important: you can go to the Hall of Fame from the session statistics widget. Its functionality will allow for evaluating your gameplay during different periods of time on all vehicles, and also for comparing your performance with the best players, friends, and fellow clan members.

Why is there only the WTR rating in the statistics?

WTR is the most objective and flexible rating to display a player's performance in the most correct way. That's why it is used in the session statistics.

How does it work? The WTR rating compares your performance on a particular vehicle to the average parameters for this vehicle on the server. Using the fullest possible set of statistical data, the system defines what parameters are important for a particular vehicle (for example, the blocked damage won't be statistically important for the Bat.-Chatillon 25t, while it's crucially important for the Maus).

WTR compares your performance on a particular vehicle to the average parameters on the server, which are updated once a month. Therefore, WTR shows your performance compared with the current performance level of players, and doesn't use artificially created criteria.

What WTR values can be considered good performance?

More than 5,000 for a vehicle, and more than 9,500 for an account.

To assess the value of your WTR rating (both in general and for a specific vehicle), use the leaderboards in the Hall of Fame. They show your position in relation to other players as well as the positions of the best players on the server.

Why is the WTR of the account in the session statistics window different from the WTR of a specific vehicle?

General WTR is the average value of a player's performance on all vehicles for the selected period of time. Since a player can perform differently on different vehicles, we show both the general WTR and the WTR for each vehicle.

When will the old rating be replaced with WTR?

We're working on it.

Why do you duplicate the information on Bonds in the statistics window?

The second number shows the total sum, taking into account Bonds spent. If you spend Bonds, the second number will be different from the first one.


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