Introducing Login Rewards: A New Feature of WoT Plus!

The WoT Plus monthly subscription now offers even more useful bonuses, Commanders!

Starting with Update 1.22, WoT Plus will provide you with a new benefit on top of its familiar set of exclusive advantages—Attendance Rewards.

If you have an active WoT Plus subscription, simply log in to the game once a day to get an instant reward from a predetermined list.

The reward is random, so you will receive a surprise item from the list below:

Personal Reserve: 50% to Combat XP
Personal Reserve: 200% to Free & Crew XP
Missions for ×3 Crew XP
Directives: Natural Cover
Directives: Steady Hand
Directives: Gearbox Intricacy
Large First Aid Kit
Large Repair Kit
Training Booklet (random nation)
Blueprint fragment (random nation)

Log in to the game five times over any five days and receive an even greater special reward. You don’t have to log in five days in a row—enter World of Tanks any day you want while your subscription is active, and all logins will count towards the special reward. You will get Attendance Rewards every day you log in to the game, and on the fifth day of each login cycle you will receive a special reward.

If your subscription expires before the end of the next login cycle, your progress will be saved. Once you renew your WoT Plus subscription, your login progress will continue where you left off and you will receive the special reward on the fifth day of your saved login cycle.


  • You logged in to the game 3 days in a row.
  • Then, your subscription ended, and you only renewed it 2 months later.
  • When you first log in to the game after activating WoT Plus, your login cycle will start from day 4, and on the fifth day you will receive the special reward.

Your special reward will contain one of the in-game items from the following list:

Mission for ×5 XP
Universal Blueprint fragments
×1 or ×3
Personal Reserves: 50% to Combat XP, 50% to credits, and 200% to Free & Crew XP
5,000 or 20,000
Free XP
75,000 or 150,000
Retraining Order
Directives: Orderly Ammo Rack, Vent Purge, and Stabilizer Greasing
Universal Training Manual

The WoT Plus subscription cost remains unchanged—you get Attendance Rewards as a free bonus!

WoT Plus: Everything a Tanker Needs!

After activating WoT Plus, you will get instant access to the following exclusive benefits for a whole month:

  • Gold Reserve: Working similarly to the Credit Reserve, it can accumulate up to 500 and opens weekly.
  • Intensive Crew Regimen: Every crew member in a single vehicle will gain 40 Crew XP every 5 minutes, even while you are offline.
  • An exclusive vehicle:  VIII TS-54  will stay on your account as long as WoT Plus is active.
  • Free equipment demounting: This applies to all types of equipment except for improved equipment and Experimental Equipment of Upgrade Levels II and III.
  • One excluded map: Together with WoT Premium Account, you will be able to exclude three locations overall.

You can activate your WoT Plus subscription right in your Garage.

Still don’t have WoT Plus? Try it out now and get more out of your World of Tanks!


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