Video - How to get on Clan Wars: The Front Line

Clan Wars: The Front Line is a new monthly video series in which we will be showcasing some of the most epic acts of armoured-vehicle warfare ever to grace the Global Map. The best part is that you can get involved as well!

That’s right – you can send us replays from your battles in Clan Wars, in which your clan shows off its combat prowess by defeating opponents in great style. We want to see you performing some unbelievable shots, turning the tide of battle against overwhelming odds or simply causing a scene of destruction on a massive scale!

The best replays of the month will be shown in a future episode of Clan Wars: The Front Line.



  • Log into World of Tanks Replays
  • Click the “Upload Replay” button
  • Choose your Clan Wars replay file and fill in the details
  • Make sure to add all key moments to the replay
  • Remember to tick "Make available by direct link only" if you do not want others to see your replay
  • Click “Send”
  • Then, from that replay on the website, press the “Contest/Controls” button and select CW:TFL
  • Finally, check that everything looks good, and press “Send”!

Important Rules

  • You can submit your replays via the World of Tanks Replays website.
  • Only replays from Clan Wars battles are considered eligible.
  • Only replays from the current month are accepted:
  • A month counts as the first day of a month (inclusive) until the last day of that month (inclusive), e.g. 1 August to 31 August, 1 September to 30 September, etc.
  • You can submit replays for up to 3 different battles per month.
  • Submissions are only accepted from Clan Commanders, Deputies and Company Commanders.
  • Each Clan can submit as many replays from the same battle as they deem fit.
  • More information regarding the Rules and replay submission process are available in the video above.

Submit your Replay


Submit your replays and show your opponents on the Global Map who’s boss!