Introducing Global Map Season 15


Get ready, call your clan members together and prepare once more to fight for global domination when the Global Map returns for its 15th season! This time, there are even more provinces to fight over at Tier X, the workshop mechanic is back, some regulations have been improved, and the map selection has been switched up a bit to keep things interesting. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Season 15.

Global Map Season 15 – Live Now

September 15 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) through November 27 at 09:00 CET (UTC+1)

Prime Time

Before October 25: 17:00–20:00 UTC (19:00–22:00 CEST)

From October 25: 18:00–21:00 UTC (19:00–22:00 CET)

Main Features

Season 15 will stick to the traditional 15v15 format for Tier X and 10v10 format for the Tier VIII front.

Workshop & Resources

During Season 15, players will have access to the Workshop where they can produce camouflage patterns and sets of projection decals using resources earned after battles on the Global Map.

After a battle on the Global Map, participants will receive various resources.

The amount of resources is the same for all team members and depends on the following factors:

  • Battle outcome: victory/defeat. A clan will earn more resources for a victory.
  • Number of enemy vehicles destroyed: The more enemy vehicles destroyed, the more resources earned (vehicles destroyed at the end of the battle are counted, irrespective of who destroyed them).

Items that can be produced in the Workshop during Season 15:

  • Clan Elite camouflage (summer)
  • Rocky Desert camouflage (desert)
  • Winter Forest camouflage (winter)
  • Set of decals: Sophie, Sabrina, and Mariya

Scrap is the starting resource that can be used to receive other resources. Players can use Scrap in the Workshop to produce other resources: coloring materials, solvents, materials, and tooling. Conversion from Scrap to another resource is instant.

Resources are used to produce components: painting booths, painting patterns, paints, and primers.

All components can be disassembled into resources. This process occurs instantaneously, but the amount of received resources will be smaller than the amount spent on assembly.

The components are used to produce camouflage patterns.

Only one item can be produced at a time, but a production queue can be set.

Items in the production queue can be shifted within, or removed from, the queue. When removing an item from the queue (including the current one), the resources will be returned to the Depot in full.

In the Workshop, players will find the battle log. It displays the amount of resources earned in all battles since the start of Season 15.

The Workshop will be available until the end of the season (November 27, 09:00 CET (UTC+1)).

Once the Workshop stops, all unused resources and produced components will be deducted.

Items produced in the Workshop will be credited to the player's account immediately after production. Camouflage patterns produced will be credited immediately (3 items per nation, 33 items in total). Decals produced will be credited in sets of 3 items for each decal. The number of items that can be produced during the season is unlimited.

Interactive image. Produce the Clan Elite camouflage (summer) using components constructed from resources. Click to construct a missing resource using Scrap, then use the resources to produce a component.
Components for Production
Painting Booth
0 / 1
Painting Patterns
2 / 2
1 / 1
1 / 1
Resources for Producing Components
5 / 6
7 / 7
4 / 4
Scrap: 120 / 100

Firefly Provinces

Tier VIII:

Firefly provinces will again consist of 1 small group of 3 adjacent provinces per time zone and they will move every week on Monday.

Tier X:

Firefly provinces will be disabled, but there will be a number of regular high-income provinces.

Special Map Events

  • Rarely-used maps will be played on special provinces
  • Players will fight on the location (map) that they are fighting for, e.g. the Studzianki map to capture the Studzianki province, the Lakeville map to capture the Zurich province, win the DDay Landing on Overlord to capture the Le Havre province, etc.
  • List of special provinces: Studzianki, Kharkov, Paris, Pilsen, Zurich, Minsk, Madrid, Le Havre

General Rules


Season Dates

Season 15 runs from September 15 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) through November 27 at 09:00 CET (UTC+1).

On October 25, the time changes to CET, but don't worry, the Prime Times will be adjusted accordingly too, so you don't need to change anything on your side.

Before: 17:00–20:00 UTC (19:00–22:00 CEST)

From October 25: 18:00–21:00 UTC (19:00–22:00 CET)


Regular, auction, and landing provinces will be available on the Global Map.

The battlefield is divided into zones with various levels of income, including provinces with no income.

There will be a total of 800 provinces (500 at Tier X and 300 at Tier VIII) on the map, of which ~23% are landing and ~4% are auction provinces for Tier X. For Tier VIII, ~25% are landing and ~5% are auction provinces.



Tier X


  • Abbey
  • Berlin
  • Cliff
  • El Halluf
  • Ensk
  • Highway
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Karelia
  • Lakeville
  • Malinovka
  • Mines
  • Murovanka
  • Paris
  • Pearl River
  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Sand River
  • Serene Coast
  • Studzianki
  • Westfield
  • Abbey
  • Cliff
  • El Halluf
  • Ensk
  • Highway
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Karelia
  • Lakeville
  • Malinovka
  • Mines
  • Murovanka
  • Paris
  • Pearl River
  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Sand River
  • Seren Coast
  • Westfield

Landing Tournaments and Auctions

  • Number of applications for landing tournaments: 32
  • Maximum number of active landing applications that can be submitted by a clan: 6 (if a clan has at least 90 members with a Tier X vehicle)
  • Clans owning provinces cannot land on the Global Map
  • Clans can attack landing provinces by land
  • The province owner does not participate in tournaments on landing provinces, battles in tournaments through auction, nor in attacks by land on their own provinces

First Day, World Redivision

  • All Global Map provinces will be landing provinces on the first day of the Season. At the end of Prime Time, provinces will switch to the main mode as per the general rules of the Season
  • Number of applications for landing tournaments on the first day of the Season: 16
  • If a battle for the landing province ends with a draw, it will be counted as a defeat for both challengers

Influence and Divisions

  • Division cost: 0 Influence
  • Division upkeep is free
  • Division modules are enabled for strategic effect

General Settings

  • Penalties are ON
  • "Fog of War" and vehicle freeze time are ON
  • Alliances are OFF
  • Clan operations are ON
  • Revolts are ON


In Season 15, clans can earn a new set of rewards for the clan's position in the Alley of Fame:

  • Player: As before, Victory Points are received for gold earned on the Global Map. Depending on the clan's position, its members can receive a style, participation emblems, and medals.
  • Clan: Bonds for the clan treasury based on the clan's position.

Alley of Fame

  • Tier VIII Front
  • Tier X Front







Clan Urban

Two-Digit Tactical Number

4 – Top 10% N/A
Top 10% – Top 50%







pin-up Decal

1 Clan Urban & Vanquisher

Two-Digit Tactical Number

4 – Top 10%
Top 10% – Top 50% Clan Urban N/A
Top 50% – Top 75% N/A N/A N/A

Bond distribution for Tier X


Bonds in Treasury

1 90,000 
2 75,000 
3 60,000 
4–10 52,500 
11–20 45,000 
21–30 37,500 
31–40 30,000 
41–50 20,000 
51–65 10,000 
66–100 5,000 
101–200 2,250 

Clan Urban & Vanquisher


  • One (1) copy of a style is credited per account.
  • Six (6) copies of the participant emblem and decal will be credited per account.
  • You need to play at least 5 battles on the Global Map during Season 15.

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