Recap: Arms Race


The dust has settled after weeks of war on the Global Map, and the winners have been determined. The most dominant and successful clans managed to secure insane amounts of loot and their rightful place in the ratings.

Most rewards have been credited already, however, the digital camouflages will arrive on the winners' accounts later this week.




[FAME] Deal with it!


[MVPS] Most Valuable Players !


[GO-IN] Game is over! Just GO-IN


Check out the full leaderboard and see how your clan fared against the best:



Here's what the winners have to say about the Arms Race event:

As the number one clan in Europe there will always be new competitors that try and rise to FAME and challenge us, but this challenge drives us to perform and show who is and remains the top clan in the region. Even with a rocky start to the campaign we managed to overcome all the issues and prove our dominance over the server. This wouldn't be possible without all our friends and allies so big shout out to them (Especially CSA)

In terms of the fighting Arms Race didn’t differ much from the previous campaigns. Unluckily we had a couple unexpected defeats which should not have taken place which significantly reduced our chances to be the champions of this event. Advanced front required finding the easiest path to reach our goal but the Elite front battles were, as expected, all on a very high standard.
The fight which secured our 2nd position in the Alley of Fame happened on the last day of the event where we had to clash 8 times with GO-IN. The wins from that day allowed us to distance ourselves from that opponent.

We are all in all satisfied with 3rd place because it was a rather short two-week event and we were just looking for the x7 multiplier. We'd like to thank all our members who were constantly active for their effort and support.

The Clan Scuffle

The tournament we have teased in the Arms Race regulations is getting closer. Invitations are sent to the top 10 clans of the Arms Race and the top 2 of Season 8 on the Global Map:

Arms Race Top 10

Season 8 Top 2

  1. [FAME] Deal with it!
  2. [MVPS] Most Valuable Players !
  3. [GO-IN] Game is over! Just GO-IN
  4. [CSA] CS Army
  5. [GX] Next Level Of Gaming
  6. [EX-4] No more Army
  7. [TRIGG] The T is as useless as CW Specialists
  8. [RMBLE] The Lechers Ramble
  9. [HOOT] Hooty McOwlface
  10. [FEST] No Fear Just Rush
  1. [GE-PL] Gwardia Elitarna
  2. [SERPE] Soldati Erranti Rompi Palle Estremi

The commanders of each clan need to confirm the participation in the tournament. Invitations have been sent via a forum message, please reply before June 22. The remaining spots will be fought over through a separate tournament, in which any clan can enter. Depending on how many of the winning clans above confirm their participation, the number of available spots will vary.

Some more interesting stats:

Most active clans

Place Clan Battles
1 [REALM] Realm of Bohemia 525
2 [S___G] Silberne Garde 486
3 [TDSTR] Tank Destroyer Forces 473
4 [RE-AP] Th3 Reapers 437
5 [R1SE] Rising Legends 423

Most successful clans

Place Clan Victories
1 [REALM] Realm of Bohemia 282
2 [TRIGG] The T is as useless as CW Specialists 267
3 [RE-AP] Th3 Reapers 239
4 [GO-IN] Game is over! Just GO-IN 231
5 [EX-4] No more Army 230

Most fought over Provinces

Place Province Battles
1 Bratislava 185
2 Krakow 176
3 Liski 174
4 Narva 168
5 Sumy 167

Least fought over Provinces

Place Province Battles
1 & 2 Miltonkeynes, London 5
3 & 4 Norwich, Portsmouth 7
5 Bristol 8

Most popular Prime-Times
(CEST = UTC+2)

Place Prime-Time Battles
1 21:00 CEST 11,365
2 22:00 CEST 10,684
3 20:00 CEST 10,291
4 19:00 CEST 9869

Highest one-time investment (Fame Points) during Arms Race

[FAME] Deal with it!


Most active players

Place Name Battles
1 HeLLs1nG_EmBodI3d_Ev1L 211
2 thom73cz 204
3 & 4 Pataky, TollyPatschy 199
5 M4linovskiy__ 198

Total number of battles played


How did you like the Arms Race event? What was good, what can be improved? Please share your thoughts in the linked forum thread.


Roll out!