Introducing Fire Trail to the Global Map


From July 04 10:00 (UTC+2) through July 15 10:00 (UTC+2) the Global Map will host a new game event. The best clan strategists and Commanders will have the chance to put their planning and tactics to the test and compete against one other for an extravagant prize pool. Each participant will have a huge variety of rewards to select from: female crew members, bonds, days of WoT Premium Account, credits, directives, styles, emblems, and Personal Reserves.

The best players will be able to get one of the four Tier X reward vehicles:

Please study the detailed event regulations to get an understanding of the new event mechanics.


How Does It Work

Players earn Fame Points in battles. When the event is over, players will be able to exchange Fame Points for rewards that include one of the four Tier X vehicles. Besides this, the unique style and number of bonds players earn depend on their position on the Personal Leaderboard.

Players can use their personal Fame Points to purchase bonuses that increase the number of Fame Points earned in battles. However, make sure to use this mechanic wisely.

Clans earn Fame Points both in battles and for strategic decisions the Commanders make. The clan's position affects the clan multiplier applied to the number of bonds players earn and the amount of gold the clan earns for participating in the event.

What's Changed

The event duration has also been changed. It will last 10 days.

The rewards players can earn in the event have also been changed. Now players will be able to get female crew members and directives apart from gold, Personal Reserves, bonds, days of WoT Premium Account, styles, and emblems. The Fire Trail event mechanics are based on the Soldiers of Fortune event mechanics. The speed at which personal Fame Points are gained depends on the players, not the Clan officer. Players will need to make a decision whether to exchange their personal Fame Points for bonuses that increase the speed of gaining them, or to keep their personal Fame Points in order to spend them on various rewards after the event. The prize pool has been increased in comparison with the Soldiers of Fortune event.

Clan officers will need to make strategic decisions within the regulations similar to the rules of the Soldiers of Fortune and Arms Race events. The battlefield will be divided into three successive fronts, varying in size, bonuses, and the number of Fame Points that can be earned. Clan leaders will need to decide how to distribute the clan's Fame Points: they can either be aggregated or spent on various bonuses in the Lab. These bonuses can increase the speed of gaining clan Fame Points or provide other strategic advantages.

The game event battles will be played in the absolute format, 15 vs. 15 in Tier X vehicles.

Reward System

The reward system is similar to the Soldiers of Fortune event: all participants can choose their rewards depending on their activity during the event.

Once the event is over, it will be possible to exchange Fame Points accrued for rewards. The cost of a reward vehicle will be equal to the number of personal Fame Points accumulated by the player who ranks in position 8,000, plus 4,000 bonds. As a result, players with the highest ranks will be able to select additional rewards aside from vehicles. Players that have not managed to reach the top 8,000 will be able to exchange their personal Fame Points for bonds, days of Premium Account, credits and other rewards. At the same time, the more personal Fame Points players earn during the game event, the more rewards they can get.

In addition, players who have entered the Alley of Fame but have not managed to gain a sufficient number of Fame Points will be able to participate in the bond auction and compete for another 1,000 reward vehicles.

Aside from the option to select rewards, there are still traditional rewards for ranks attained in the Alley of Fame: bonds. Personal rewards will depend not only on the number of Fame Points gained by players, but also on the successful performance of their clans. Players will receive a base reward for their rank, while the clan's position on the Leaderboard will apply a certain multiplier to this reward.

The reward system for clans will remain similar to the one in the Soldiers of Fortune event. Clans will receive gold to their treasury and the above-mentioned bond multiplier for clan members.

The top 10% of players will get the new Damascus Steel style. Besides this, for each award and badge the players earn, they will get a decal that can be applied to their vehicles.

Rewards for Players Who Achieve Ranks in the Alley of Fame

Bonds: Received by 75% of players who pass the minimum threshold of battles fought. The reward can be increased depending on a clan's rank.

Unique badges that can be displayed in battle: For exemplary performance in the event. The top 1% of players that are members of the top 1% of clans according to the clan rating will get the Global Map Legend badge.

The top 10% of clans will also get the Fire Trail Hero badge.

The Damascus Steel style

Epic Win

Top 1

Top 10

Top 100


Unique medals: A set of medals will be distributed among players as commemorative tokens.

Decals: The players who earn badges and medals will also get the corresponding decals that can be applied to vehicles.


Rewards Available in Exchange for Personal Fame Points

T95/FV4201 Chieftain

One of 4 Tier X vehicles

Object 907



Global Map Vanquisher Style

Shattered Stone Style
Veteran Style 
Clan Digital Style
Up to 5 female crew members
Up to 3,000 bonds, up to 3,350,000 credits, and up to 14 days of WoT Premium Account
A set of emblems and sets of Personal Reserves


Clan Rewards

Clans will receive 8,415,000 gold in total for their treasuries; moreover, clan members will be given a multiplier (up to x7) to their personal reward of bonds, depending on the clan's position in the Alley of Fame.

The top 10 clans in the event will get an invitation to take part in the upcoming clan tournament. Participation in the tournament requires a spot among the top 100 Clans of the Fire Trial event.

Maps for Fire Trail (this is the map pool for the basic front, not every map will be available for every front):


  • Abbey
  • Cliff
  • El Halluf
  • Ensk
  • Fisherman's Bay
  • Highway
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Karelia
  • Lakeville
  • Live Oaks
  • Malinovka
  • Mines
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Ruinberg
  • Sand River
  • Serene Coast
  • Steppes
  • Westfield