Fight us on the Campaign Map!

Clan Warriors,

As you already know, the Wargaming clan will also participate in the Second Campaign. If you’re eager to meet us in battle, you will have the opportunity as soon as Stage I is launched!

Where to find us

During the “Re-division of the World” phase, the following provinces will be assigned to the [WG] clan after the wipe:

Even though we will be present on the map, we will not be attacking any other provinces to expand our territories. If you want to fire some shells at us, you will need to bring the fight to us and win the revolt tournament!

Our Team

If you’re curious about who will be on our team, or if you hold a grudge against one of us and are looking forward to settling the score, feel free to take a look at the list of our valiant defenders:

  • Apathel
  • zoban
  • Taarl
  • Decept1on
  • Teberon
  • Cascad0r
  • _Quasar_
  • Lorkas
  • Karumms
  • MrKatana
  • Erebo
  • Tuccy
  • Ectar
  • vuque
  • weaponman
  • Ev1n
  • Obirian
  • Kabazabak

Battle Stream

If you don’t get the chance to meet us in the field, you will still have the opportunity to watch our battles via our official stream! As always, the stream will be hosted by the one and only Simon “Bump” Bennett and his team of eSports commentators. There will be plenty of action, humour, witty remarks and interviews, so make sure you tune in!

The stream is expected to start on 5th November at approximately 20:30 CET.



The mighty clans that manage to drive us out of our provinces will have the opportunity to proudly bask in their glory, and will be awarded with the special commemorative Medals:

  • Let’s Battle: Paris
  • Let’s Battle: Minsk
  • Let’s Battle: Saint Petersburg

Be aware however, that we won’t go down without a fight!


See you on the battlefield!