Clan Wars Safari Event Spotlight


The first Clan Wars game event on the New Global Map, Operation Safari, has come to a close!

The dust has settled in Africa and after the fierce fighting, still-mojo, the Commander of Kazna Kru, has agreed to answer a few of our questions about the event, in which they managed to come in second, before they plunge back into the First Season of Clan Wars.

What was your goal for this campaign? 

To be first naturally.

Looking back how close were you to reaching that goal?

Quite close - probably one major battle away from it that NOS themselves won against us and that is why they deserved to win overall. On the last day, we had to regroup in order to ensure a top 3 position. We won 35 battles and lost 1, taking over 7,000 points, which is the highest anyone scored in these 10 days, in a single day.

How did you feel this campaign compared to the previous ones?

I think this was the most balanced campaign so far: it had a few glitches that need to be corrected, but overall it was great. Clans had to plan and take risks, rely on skill and the activity of their players and could not really hold up any form of strict alliance if they wanted to be a top contender…

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In case you are interested in how Kazna Kru managed to win those 35 battles, you are in for a treat. The guys from Kazna provided us with VODs of some of their matches played during Operation Safari against other top clans.