Clan Scuffle: Semi-Finals & Finals

The Clan Scuffle has already begun! Watch the semi-finals and finals live from 16:45 on August 4 and 5 on our official Twitch channel. You will have a chance to win one of the fifteen Tiger T-shirts that will be drawn during the show.

Clan Scuffle Schedule

Clan Scuffle Schedule


Load your guns, grease your motors and check your tracks, because the clans are gathering their best tankers! Which clan will be crowned? Now is the time to decide through a good old competition!

Today, we're very happy to announce a new clan tournament, the Clan Scuffle, which will see epic showdowns between European clans before the best of them go fight their counterparts in the CIS during intense battles!

How does it work?

The Schedule

  • July 28-29 — Qualification Round
  • August 3 — Group Stage
  • August 4 — Quarter-Finals
  • August 5 — Semifinals and Finals
  • August 12 — Show Match

The teams

There are 16 slots in that competition:

  • 10 clans were selected for their results during Arms Race
  • 2 clans were selected for their victories during the last Global Map Season
  • 4 (or more) clans will be selected through the qualifier round (the number will depend on whether or not all invited clans will accept our invitation)


The event will kick off with a qualifier round. The best 4 clans will then join the competition and go through a group stage, and finally, playoffs.


Do you feel up to the task? Don't waste time and enlist your team through the link below!


The Clans

Do you need some motivation to click on the button above? We get it. But let's say that joining the competition will give you the unique chance to meet the superstars of World of Tanks! 

Let's introduce them!


 [FAME] Deal with it! [MVPS] Most Valuable Players!
 [GO-IN] Game is over! Just GO-IN  [CSA] CS Army
 [GX] Next Level Of Gaming  [EX-4] No more Army
 [TRIGG] The T is as useless as CW Specialists  [RMBLE] The Lechers Ramble
 [HOOT] Hooty McOwlface  [FEST] No Fear Just Rush



 [GE-PL] Gwardia Elitarna   [SERPE] Soldati Erranti Rompi Palle Estremi

Complete rules

Do you want to know more about the rules and regulations of the Clan Scuffle? Please feel free to read them by clicking on the button below: (Please note that the rules are only available in English)


If something's not clear to you, or if you simply have a question about our rules and regulations, please visit our forums:


Clan Scuffle Prizes

Now that you know the rules, let's talk about the rewards of the Clan Scuffle because we're pretty sure you'll be interested in these Gold prizes!

Important: The in-game gold is credited to the treasury of the clan, the team of which took a prize place.

  • Playoff stage
  • Group stage
  • Show match
Playoff stage
  • 1st place: 300,000 
  • 2nd place: 200,000 
  • 3rd-4th place: 100,000 
  • 5th-8th place: 50,000 
Group stage
  • 3rd place in the group stage: 25,000 
  • 4th place in the group stage: 15,000 
Show match
  • 1st place: 150,000 
  • 2nd place: 50,000 

Streaming the event

If you don't have a clan (yet) or like watching great games in the comfort of your favourite chair, our live streams will give you the opportunity to witness the best tankers out there at work. The event will be broadcasted not only on our Twitch channel, but also on the channels of the community contributors as well as the clans involved.

We'll come back to you with more information on the streaming hours and the platforms to use, but in the meantime, get ready for some incredible battles involving the best clans of World of Tanks in August!


Stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, best of luck to our mighty clans out there!