Supercharged April Tournaments: Get the New Camouflage


Tournaments are a fantastic way to prove your skills and earn heaps of gold. Check the schedule below and sign up alone or as a team.

In addition to the regular daily tournaments with gold rewards, there will be four supercharged weekend tournaments with a highly exclusive prize – the brand-new camouflage pattern “Strength of Mind”!

Assemble a team of five or seven skilled commanders, put your tactics and teamwork to the test, and earn the already sought-after new look applicable to most vehicles in the game.

Supercharged tournaments:

Saturday, April 16 at 19:00 CEST

7v7 tournament for Tier X


Sunday, April 17 at 19:00 CEST

7v7 tournament for Tier X


Saturday, April 23 at 21:00 CEST

5v5 tournament for Tier IX


Sunday, April 24 at 21:00 CEST

5v5 tournament for Tier X


But no matter if you have your eyes set on the new camouflage or just want earn glory and gold, the April tournaments are filled with a variety of challenges for various tiers and team sizes. Show off your skills in 1-on-1 brawls with a fierce low-tier beast, or roll out into battle with trusted teammates by your side aboard the most powerful top-tier vehicles. The tournament schedule has something for everyone.

Not sure how to take part in tournaments? No worries! We have reworked the Tournament Guide for more clarity, and you can check out the short video that will guide you through the process.

New "Strength of Mind" Camouflage

The new "Strength of Mind" camouflage is a transparent pattern that can be applied on top of any paint (historical or not). This gives you endless opportunities to create your own camouflage. Mix and match colors, add the pattern for an extra concealment bonus, and roll out in style like no other.

April Rewards

Heaps of gold are up for grabs! Don’t miss out!

April Tournament Schedule

The schedule remains the same every week for the entire month. The times below are given in CEST (UTC+2).

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15:00 1v1 T4 2v2 T4 1v1 T4 2v2 T4 1v1 T4 1v1 T6 1v1 T6
17:00 1v1 T6 2v2 T6 1v1 T6 2v2 T6 1v1 T6 1v1 T8 2v2 T10
19:00 1v1 T8 2v2 T8 1v1 T8 2v2 T8 1v1 T8 7v7 T10 7v7 T10
20:00 1v1 T10 2v2 T10 1v1 T10 2v2 T10 1v1 T10 3v3 T9 3v3 T10
21:00 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 3v3 T10 5v5 T9 5v5 T10

Are you up for a challenge? Head over to the registration page and join any of our tournaments.

Tournament registration usually becomes available 48 hours ahead of the scheduled start time.


How to Join and Play

Are you new to tournaments or unsure how to get involved? Check out our updated Tournament Guide and the video below to get all the info plus useful tips and tricks you'll need to get a head start!


Do you have more questions? Are you looking for teammates? Go to the Tournament Forum for more information!

Roll Out!

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