Clan Wars 2nd Campaign: Stage II winners

Clan Warriors,

The 2nd Stage has definitely been action packed, with many trains travelling through the map and even more clans pursuing them for their precious cargo. Every train counted because having one in your territory was the only way of getting Victory Points.

Meet the bold clans which had enough patience, strength and perseverance to follow and intercept the trains, and so earn themselves a place among the winners:

Rank Clan Victory Points (Stage II only) Bonus

1st Place

[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit


3x Fame Points

2nd Place

[KAZNA] Kazna Kru


2x Fame Points

3rd Place

[EFE] Eye For An Eye


1,5 Fame Points


Additionally, please congratulate the following clans for their outstanding performance and extraordinary deeds during the 2nd Stage:

Medal Clan


[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit


Lucky Strike

[KAZNA] Kazna Kru


[AEGO] Alter Ego

Eye For An Eye


[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit

[UNICA] Unicums International

[PTS] Pirates

*Please also note that the medals Predator and 2nd Campaign Stage II Participant will also be distributed to all clans which met their respective requirements during Stage II:

  • Predator: 70 clans
  • 2nd Campaign Stage II Participant: over 61,500 players

Stay tuned for more news regarding the ongoing Campaign!


Good luck during Stage III!