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Community Spotlight – World of Tanks University

Are you looking for some help or guidance on how to improve your World of Tanks gameplay!? The World of Tanks University and its great community might be able to help you!

World of Tanks University was founded in 2014, by our community contributor Sir Havoc, with the aim to provide a place where newcomers, or players simply looking to improve in the game, could find help. Since then their community has grown to incorporate over 700 players in 7 different clans, that run regular trainings and workshops with all their members.

They are now launching a new initiative, called “World of Tanks University for All”, that opens up the University training to all interested players, regardless of whether they are in a different clan or simply a solo player.

From beginner trainings and workshops on basic game mechanics, up to advanced scout tank training with some of the top EU players, they now offer training to players of all experience levels.

You can find a complete run-down of what kind of training they offer, as well as the current schedule on our forums.

But who better to explain the concept than the founder himself.