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Wargaming to attend Gameland, Belgium — September 12-14

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Wargaming will be attending Gameland (website available in Dutch only) at Bobbejaanland for three whole days between Friday and Sunday, 12-14 September.

We will be there in our dedicated booth, complete with PCs, Xboxes and iPads and World of Tanks will be available to play on all three platforms.


What is Gameland?

The Gameland website describes the event as a unique combination of an amusement park and a gaming event. So unlike most of our community gatherings, this isn’t a military themed event for enthusiasts - it is targeted more for families and the general public.


What about goodies and other treats?

As with any of our Community events here in Europe, we’ll bring along Wargaming themed T-Shirts, in-game vehicle codes and other great merchandise to share with our Belgian fans! Be sure to come early to secure your goodies as we will give them out on a first come, first serve basis.


Event Details



Olensteenweg 45
2460 Lichtaart

Check the dedicated location page on the Gameland website for a map and more details.

Date:        Friday, 12 September through to Sunday, 14 September

Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 6pm 


What’s in it for you…?

  • Meet with Wargaming Europe staff members Azkolek (French Community Manager) and  Brynd (English Community Manager).
  • Receive community T-shirts, in-game codes, and other cool Wargaming merchandise.
  • Enjoy a fun day out at a fully featured amusement park, complete with loads of games to play.


Are you interested in attending? If so, you do not need to register with us, but you will need to purchase entrance tickets to the festival. For more information, please check their dedicated page 

(FR, DE and NL only)


We hope to see you there!