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Clan Spotlight: Third Campaign First Stage Recap

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We want to give you a short recap of the first battles of the Third Campaign which took place on 17 November in the Ile de France province!

For this campaign our World of Tanks Product Specialist Obirian and Quickybaby joined forces with the famous guys from Rynnäkkösopulit [RSOP]! Together they were fighting for the Ile de France Province and their goal was to battle against the Wargaming Clan who tried to defend their territory.

Even though Rynnäkkösopulit [RSOP] had a very good start, in the end the guys from Stronk Siema Community [STRNK] were able to defeat them in a very exciting battle.

The Wargaming clan was doomed to experience the same fate and was also beaten by the very experienced players from the Polish clan – this made Stronk Siema Community [STRNK] the winner of the Landing Zone and the new owner of the Ile de France province.

Since Quickybaby was kind enough to stream all the action, you can experience the full emotion of these battles again on his Twitch channel!

By watching the recap of the battles you will see the importance of good strategy! You might also discover that Obirian was not the most valuable player, but he was leading the battles in his own way!

In addition we also interviewed TCM_urallfish of Rynnäkkösopulit [RSOP]to see what a player of one of the most experienced clans here in Europe thought of the First Stage:


Thanks for participating in this event with us! What did you think about the first day of the Third Campaign and how was it to fight with a Wargaming employee in your team?

The first day was a bit hectic for us, since we tried to land with all 6 stacks. We lost 4 of those landings and especially the loss in Île-de-France final with Obirian and QuickyBaby was quite disheartening.

Did you enjoy having a Wargaming employee in your team and streaming the games?

Yes we did!  Even though Obirian wasn’t the most experienced of Clan Wars players, we had fun playing with him (and laughing at him being destroyed without doing damage). Also knowing that around 10k people are watching us on the stream surely provided some extra excitement.

What is your goal for this campaign?

Like in previous campaigns, winning the entire thing is our primary goal. And we want to have plenty of fun while doing that, so taking things super seriously isn’t our way.

How do you think you will do in this campaign? Any prediction for your final place?

Our first day didn’t go quite as planned, but the campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. So first place definitely!

What is your prediction about how many players will be eligible to get the prize tank from your clan?

Our goal is to get the tank for all at least semi-active players, so I’d say 80 minimum.

What do you think about the theme of the campaign (WWI/the Great War) and do you have any suggestions for themes for future campaigns?

The theme of the previous mini-campaign was most visible at the end of it. We're expecting the same to happen this time and hence don't wish to draw conclusions in advance.

How did you prepare for this event, did you do something special?

We farmed boxes, lots of boxes (played Strongholds). Some boxes we farmed even with Tier 6 tanks to see how they work. 

We also had a conversation with the guys from Stronk Siema Community [STRNK] who went on to win the night and face Wargaming in the battle for Ile de France!


How did you get this name?

It somehow originated itself, since many people used the word ‘stronk’ for fun and then you have this typical Polish ‘siema’ in random battles. We decided to name ourselves in a less than serious way and change the stereotype of a typical ‘Siemka’ boy.

Did you enjoy the battles against Warming?

After getting through all the ladder we knew that the Wargaming clan would be the cherry on top. We were absolutely positive we would win and that’s what happened. They put up a brave fight, but on that day nobody could have stopped us.

Congratulations for taking the Ile-de-France province! How did you like the battles during the tournament? Any memorable battles? Which enemy did you consider to be the most dangerous?

When looking at the ladder, we did not really focus on our potential opponents, instead we were focused on every single battle as our enemies were really tough: Odem Mortis International [OMNI], the winners of the first micro event in Clan Wars ever, Rynnäkkösopulit [RSOP]the winners of the Second Campaign, The Jackal [JCKAL] – a very strong Turkish clan and also our friends, since we are both members of the so called ‘Green’ alliance. Were we afraid of anyone in particular? I think yes, RSOP, as it`s an outstanding clan, very successful both in Clan Wars as well as in the ESL. However, all the battles ended with rather clear victory, much to our surprise. Speaking of the tactics, our tactics was simple yet effective: let’s win! And nothing less.

We hope you enjoyed the re-cap of the first day! Wargaming wishes good luck to all the mighty clans fighting for the global domination!

Roll out!