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Event Recap – Tankfest 2014 at the Tank Museum in Bovington

Ready to roll out with our new MGT-20, went to Tankfest 2014 where over 16,000 visitors attended the weekend of the 28th and 29th of June. 



As soon as our booth was open, eager players queued up underneath the Fury banners for an opportunity to play World of Tanks and to pick up one of our brand new goodie bags!


We had a strong representation from various clans who took Tankfest and our MGT-20 as an opportunity to meet up with each other and put names and voices to faces.



The_Challenger, Obirian, Ectar and iScending were also joined by the The_Chieftain who made the trip over from our NA office.


Throughout the day the truck was packed with new and veteran players eager to take our special event accounts out for a spin.


At one point, the queue extended all the way round the truck! CEO Victor Kislyi was available to hand over the proceeds from our recent Boost for Bovington premium shop special. In total our players raised €75,000. Well done everyone!


More pictures can be found on our Flickr album.

We would like to thank all of our players who came along to visit us during this weekend and also a special thanks to the staff at the Tank Museum.  It was great fun meeting everyone and swapping stories about everyone’s experiences with the game. We are already looking forward to Tankfest 2015!

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got home safely!