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Operation Safari: Winners interview


Not so long ago, our first Clan Wars game event on the New Global Map - Operation Safari - came to a close. After fierce fighting, clan Novus Ordo Seclorum has emerged victorious and “fooway”, the Clan Diplomat of NOS, has agreed to answer a few of our questions about the event.

What was your goal for this event?

To perform as well as possible. We spoke about being in the top 15, but when I read the rules, it changed my mind and I knew that we had a serious chance of being in the top10, so to get the 100 FCMs was my main priority. Events are also about the prestige and the name of the clan, so to try to get into a better position was also important.


How did you feel this event compared to the previous events?

There is a margin for improvement, but it was much better than in other events. It was a really nice balance among battle points and tasks. It also gave value to the whole clan, to the 100 players a clan can have and not just the best team, the best 10 - 15 players. So we are probably talking about the best event in terms of rules.


What advice would you give to clans who are not yet involved in Clan Wars and are considering getting started?        

When I play against clans that are starting and that are probably worse than us, I admire those who don't camp and try to win. Whether it works or not this game is more fun when you try to play, when you try to win, no matter if you lose. You will never improve if you are camping even if it makes you win one battle.

You can find the rest of the interview on our forums.

In case you are interested in how NOS managed to come out on top, you are in for a treat. The guys from NOS provided us with VODs of their matches played during Safari against other top clans with excellent commentary explaining their strategy and decisions: