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Event Recap: Reboot InfoGamer, Zagreb


Recently some of our staff members were able to attend the Reboot Infogamer event in Croatia. This was the third annual edition of the largest games show in South East Europe and they smashed their previous visitor numbers!


At our booth players were able to play World of Tanks across 3 different platforms, World of Tanks PC version, World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition and World of Tanks Blitz.

Three generations of the same family, all veteran World of Tanks players!

As a special treat for our Balkan players and event attendees, we also had a demo version of World of Warships available to play behind closed doors.

Sorry Commanders, that’s all we can show for now!

Feedback was very positive about the demo. For all the latest news on World of Warships be sure to check out the official portal.

It was a great event and a pleasure to meet so many of our Balkan players. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got home safely.

For more photos, check out the Flickr gallery below:


Ectar, Erissa, The_Challenger and Hunter 1911