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QuickyBaby Discovers World of Tanks Console!

Our friend and popular streamer QuickyBaby is checking out World of Tanks on Xbox One, just in time for the release of Update 2.4!

Come join him as he discovers the new update and continues his adventures with the Xbox One. Helping him navigate this new yet familiar hunting ground will be the Wargaming Europe’s Community Product Specialist Eurico “Carb1de WG” Viegas.

You could win something! QuickyBaby has a couple of T-34-88’s and a T26E4 Freedom up for grabs!

QuickyBaby will be streaming World of Tanks on the Xbox One on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 24 November – 17:00 UTC – Tonight!
  • Wednesday, 25 November  – 17:00 UTC
  • Wednesday, 2 December – 17:00 UTC

For the 2 December stream. QuickyBaby will be joined by Senior Game Designer Chad Steingraber, who will be answering a few questions.

Whether you are a World of Tanks Console regular looking to see how a PC player adapts to using a gamepad, or a World of Tanks PC player curious about the Console version – this is a unique opportunity!