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Close rolls out to Parola Tank Museum, Finland

Greetings Commanders! is proud to announce that we will be visiting the Parola Tank Museum in Finland on the 18 October 2014. During the day there will be live vehicle demos, guided tours and presentations and the opportunity to go for a ride in BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle! We will also have a short Q&A session in the afternoon for any questions about our games.

In attendance from Wargaming will be:

As this is a special day for the museum, admission prices are a flat rate on the day at 10 euro. This price includes admission, access to any of the tours and presentations along with the tank demos. The BMP rides will be a separate cost, payable on the day.

If you plan to attend this event, we would very much appreciate it if players register their interest on our forums here. As a special bonus for the first 150 sign ups, will be paying for their admission to the museum on the day and they will also get a special goodie bag and t-shirt. Don’t worry if you’re not one of the first 150 however, we’ll also have bonus codes and other stuff to give out.


We look forward to seeing you there!