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Community Spotlight – Panzer 58 Mutz

Commanders, we are proud to introduce the first ever Swiss tank to the game – the Panzer 58 Mutz.

Joining the German tech tree as a Tier 8 premium medium tank, the Panzer 58 Mutz is a versatile machine that will suit a variety of playstyles. Featuring high mobility and very competitive gun characteristics, this medium tank loves ridgelines, where it can use its 10 degrees of gun depression to great advantage. Although the tank is very lightly armoured, its frontal armour is strong enough to prevent most high explosive shells from penetrating, giving it an advantage over its main competitor – the French AMX CDC.


As always, we have let our team of dedicated community contributors loose on this new gem. Check out what they have to say after reviewing the tank extensively!


The Mighty Jingles

Aging Jedi

 Sir Havoc


Roll out!