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Event Recap: Wargaming returns to Hungary with the MGT-20!

Thousands of people from Hungary and beyond came to the International Festival of Military & Tactics and many dropped by the MGT-20 to check out unlocked World of Tanks accounts and spent a few minutes on the waves in World of Warships. Check out our video recap! (Note: As well as English, this video also contains un-subtitled Hungarian.)

We sent a small army of Wargaming Europe employees to attend the MGT-20, including:

  • Erissa – Community Coordinator – English Language
  • Ennoia – Community Coordinator – Turkish Language
  • MrDonnieCommunity Coordinator – Spanish Language
  • BryndCommunity Manager – English Language

While tanks and other mighty military vehicles rumbled around in one part of the park, on the main stage, great Hungarian music rang out across the festival and at our Wargaming stand, hundreds of battles were played in World of Tanks and World of Warships.



As usual, we didn’t just bring the MGT-20, we also brought hundreds of goodie bags, T-shirts and other cool Wargaming branded items.



To help ensure our supply lasted, we first challenged visitors to destroy enemy tanks in order to win a goodie bag. But on Sunday, we removed this requirement and gave out goodie bags to anyone who played! We even brought a cool touchscreen guess-the-tank game and gave out goodies for anyone who correctly guessed the tank!

Our stand was visited frequently by our two closest Hungarian contacts, prolific and popular community contributors Cleverland and Ph3lan who – together with their team – helped us tremendously. (Thanks especially to Ph3lan’s wife Kinga!)



The MGT-20 was located right next to the World of Tanks Hungarian League stand, where teams furiously battled for this year’s grand finals. Congratulations to the winners:

  • 1st — Prank
  • 2nd – The Fully Calm Team
  • 3rd — The A Team

Thanks a lot to everyone who visited the event and checked out the MGT-20. Just like our visit last year, once again the Hungarian people astounded us with their friendliness and made us feel very welcome in Hungary. Köszönjük! We thank you!


Check out all our event photos on Flickr!