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Featured Clan: British 6th Armoured Division

We’re continuing with our relatively regular series in which we have a chat with a representative from a clan. 

Thanks to the kind assistance of clan commander wilky130, a couple of months ago we sat down for virtual tea and biscuits with dysonraf, the founder and currently deputy commander of the British 6th Armoured Division clan, [BRIT6] and [BR1T6].

The clan has aimed to keep the atmosphere of their clan a fun place to be and seem to be having success with that:


Fun or successful? I feel these run hand in hand.  People like to have fun but if we are never successful it stops being fun after a while. 

Equally if we just focused on success then some of the fun elements can be lost as the win at all costs attitude seeps in. 

 We are trying to find the perfect harmony somewhere in the middle; something we are doing fairly well at currently."

Sounds to us like they’re on to something good.
Thank you to for the interview, dysonraf. Good luck to you and the members of British 6th Armoured Division.

Read our full chat with dysonraf, in the forum.

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