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9.7 Community Contributor Spotlight

Greetings Commanders!

Update 9.7 is here and amongst the patch notes you’ll see a range of changes, fixes, and features including several new French tanks, a brand new map Overlord (drawing inspiration from the Allied landing on the Normandy coast), changes to team battles and more HD models. Check out ASAP episode 31 for a quick summary of the update.

If you’ve seen another cool video about 9.7 you are welcome to reply with your own good suggestions, but for now check out the videos below made by some of our highly productive Community Contributors to get the low down on the changes and features in this update.

MisterCro - AMX 30B & Overlord Map

Quickybaby - Overlord - D-Day Map Preview


DezGamez - Overlord, New Tanks, and Changes


Oake - M56 Scorpion US Premium TD


Quickybaby - New French Tanks


DezGamez - AMX-30 Prototype


Quickybaby - M56 Scorpion

Roll Out!