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Meet the Designers within the European Community!

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As the European Community Team, we asked our players to send in their designs for the new Community T-shirt for 2014! We voted on the submissions and grombinna and pecoeco made it to the final vote!

We loved their contribution to this contest and to the community so we wanted to have a little interview with these two creative players to get to know them better!



Let’s meet grombinna, whose design was voted by the whole European community as the 2014 T‑shirt, and pecoeco whose design made it to the final vote!

Hi guys, how long have you been playing Wargaming games?

G: Hi, I have been playing since 5th May 2012.

P: Hello everyone, I have been playing World of Tanks for two years and four months, I think it was the 0.6.7 version.

What was your inspiration for creating your design?

G: People from different countries connect to the idea of playing war games under Wargaming’s logo. In the vast online gaming world they have created a vibrant, tight-knit community that is clearly distinguishable from the rest.

P: Well, tanks were my inspiration of course. I wanted the design to give the impression of a cannon firing a projectile, which had all the names of Wargaming Europe’s member countries written on it.


At what point did you know that your design was complete?

G: I knew that I would use the Wargaming logo that links to all three games. I was sure that I would build it from the letters that symbolise individual players and combine them in a circular logo. The most difficult part was the choice of language, but as it turned out English was the best fit as otherwise I might have had problems with special characters from other languages.

P: The design took about 5-6 hours. I spent almost a day at work doing this! (My boss won't be happy if he reads this.) And I knew it was complete when the design fitted the image I had in my head about how it should look.

Tell us a bit about your design career please. Do you have a blog or a website where players can see your work?

G: I have been drawing since I was a kid. After I finished school I worked as a sales manager but I found this work boring and repetitive. I decided to change and found a job at a gaming products supplier and then in an advertising agency. I created packages of food and household items for big European wholesalers. Unfortunately I do not have a website or blog as I spend most of my free time playing World of Tanks, taking part in Community contests and assisting my clan [A_C_D].

P: I have been designing for 12 years in various branches of advertising, from business cards to sign-making and websites. I don't have a portfolio but I can provide you a link with some of the recruiting posters I have made for my clan [DACII].

And finally we would like to ask grombinna, if you were to go to a community event, how would you feel seeing your design on the Community t-shirts?

G: I would feel proud of myself, definitely.


As the Community Team, we feel proud to have such creative players within the European Community who are dedicated to creating such quality designs for the Community! We would like to congratulate both grombinna and pecoeco, who have amazed us with their wonderful contribution to this contest!


We look forward to seeing our creative players’ creations in the upcoming contests!