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Community Spotlight – November Edition

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Do you visit the forums to check out new content posted by your teammates? Have you taken part in any of the numerous contests organised by your community? Don’t forget, we have different contests where you can win in-game gold and bonus codes. Don’t miss any of them – simply follow us on  and !




Video guides:

Our Community Contributors have been leading the way with creating helpful guides and content for the World of Tanks community. We've listed their more recent work below and look forward to seeing more content from them and our other contributors!

The Mighty Jingles has done an awesome video review for the E-25 Tank Destroyer


Quickybaby has made an in-depth guide
for crew skills in-game.
  He then made a follow-up guide on
skills specific for light tanks.



Highflyer15 has prepared a two-part guide/review for the Rhm-Borsig Waffenträger.

Part I       Part II


Historical articles: 

Along with in-game guides, we also have players with vast technical and historical knowledge. Community Contributor Listy has written two detailed historical articles on Overlord's Blog. You can check them out here:

Come and Take!

Remembering Jonathan Wilson

(What's the story?) Paint Glory

For this contest, our English-speaking players had to make a picture using an image created by Community Coordinator iScending. It was amazing to see players’ imagination and creativity. Check out iScending's template and the three winning entries here!










Halloween with the Community Team

Our Polish players were invited to make a Halloween-themed poster from the picture provided by the community team.

Click to see full picture.


Bring an Outsider to Power!

For our German community, we tasked our players with writing a guide for a tank that is not seen on the server very often! This contest runs until the 30th of November and the prizes are huge, so go ahead and take part — though it must be written in German! We have already received some awesome guides so it’s worth taking a look in the forum.


Guide of the Month

Every month, French Community Coordinator Tanatoy asks you to help the community by creating a guide for the tank that you know best in World of Tanks. 5,000for the winner is a good prize and that's why we only accept premium quality guides!

Our expert writer from October, for the Cromwell and Comet British tanks, was _Argal. And for November, the IS-3 guide written by Maddo was also a success! The current edition of the guide contest is about the Maus! Do you have the creativity and the knowledge to write it?


Halloween Contest - Get us Scared

For Halloween, the community was asked to draw the scariest wallpaper images of their tanks. Congratulations to the top three entries: I_am_Duff_Man, ninkisote and Badabom26 for their horrifying creations!

Click to see full picture.


Life of a Tank

We called on all the Czech video makers out there to create a funny little video based on in-game footage, from tank evolution to crazy stunts... Check out their submissions!



The task in this contest was clear: use your map-making abilities and suggest a map for World of Tanks, from reality or your imagination. Check out some of the interesting maps and techniques used for their presentation - from advanced CAD to hand drawing to an actual physical model.



Click to see full picture.


Battlefield Landscapes

Participants had to take the most beautiful, creative and original screenshot of the Northwest map in a Tier III tank.



Click to see full picture.


7 vs 7 Tournament

With the launch of update 8.9 we introduced the 7 vs 7 battle to our players! In order to try out this new battle mode, our Community Contributors nacodeltoro, lantirn161 and ceriLevis organised a tournament. It was action-packed! Congratulations to the winners!


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