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Community Spotlight – December Edition

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Do you visit the forums to check out the new content that has been posted by your teammates? Have you taken part in the numerous contests organised by your community? Don’t forget that we have different contests where you can win in-game gold and bonus codes. Make sure that you do not miss any of them by simply following us on  and !




Twelve Days of Christmas

Continuing our tradition from last year, we invited players to submit their own tank-themed line to replace those of the original Twelve Days of Christmas song. Each day, we asked players to submit a new line, so that each day the song grew longer. Of course, there was also a prize each day.

Here is the final verse of the tank-themed Twelve Days of Christmas::

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Twelve Stuarts flying
Eleven Chi-Ri winning
Ten Teas and Pudding
Nine lovely Lowes
Eight shots-a-bouncing
Seven Tigers napping
Six arties missing
Five Lucky Dings!
Four Wolverines
3 shots from Lorraines
Two driver's gloves
And the new "Get FOCH'd" tee


Contributors… contribute!

What exactly have the talented Community Contributors of the English language community been up to in the past month? Let’s take a look!

Information on Update 8.10

Haven’t had a chance to check out the new stuff that came in Update 8.10? Both Quickybaby and HighFlyer15have been busy preparing videos from our test server, reviewing or providing useful information.

Map Changes (Quickybaby):


Tank Review and Useful Information (HighFlyer15):


Hidden Village Map Preview (Quickybaby):


Robotic Tanks

You've probably heard of the Teletubbies, but have you heard of Teletanks? If not, check out this interesting article about robot tanks by Listy.





Ukiyo-3 & Haiku Contest

To celebrate the release of Version 8.10, we held a Japanese-themed contest. Players needed to create an ukiyo-e style drawing or a haiku poem about World of Tanks. As usual, your creativity amazed us!


Winter Screenshot Contest

In this contest we asked our creative Community to take a winter-themed screenshot. They could submit their entry in one of two categories: unedited, or edited in a graphics-editing programme. The results made us wish that winter would stay in World of Tanks forever!



Propaganda Anime Contest

We celebrated the release of Version 8.10 with a contest to create tank propaganda posters in the anime style.


Decorate Your Tank

Many of you like to decorate homes and trees during the festive period, but what about your tanks? In this contest, players were asked to take a screenshot of their favourite in-game vehicle and decorate it using photo-manipulation software.


Japanese Customisation

ETo celebrate Version 8.10, we asked players to personalise their tanks with elements from Japan’s rich history and culture. Players came up with a large number of very impressive images that proved difficult to judge!


Festive Wallpaper

For this contest, players had to create a suitably festive wallpaper image using their favourite tanks!


Japanese Tank Impressions

With the arrival of the Japanese tanks, a gateway to a whole new culture appeared in game. We asked our players to combine the Japanese tanks with background images representing Japanese culture. The result was some awesome artwork by our players!



Incoming Gifts!

What would it look like if tanks and other armoured vehicles were used to deliver the gifts this winter? See what our players came up with!




Festive Song

We asked our players to come up with alternative tank-based lyrics for traditional Spanish festive songs and carols! The best entry was sung by the community team and recorded in video for blackmail purposes your amusement.


Girls und Panzer Contest

The Turkish team wanted to celebrate the arrival of the Japanese tanks with a contest based on Girls und Panzer and other anime series. In this contest, we saw the Turkish community’s love for anime and Japanese culture!




Dress your tank and garage for the New Year

See how our community decorated their tanks and garage for the New Year, producing amazing artwork in the process!





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