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Wargaming Community Party at gamescom 2013

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gamescom unites people from all over the world and brings them together for five days in the heart of Europe to celebrate video games. At Wargaming, we called upon our own Community to meet in the heart of Cologne for the third edition of our annual gamescom Community Party!

300 lucky Community Members from all over Germany and far away parts of Europe had managed to get their hands of invitations, to meet and greet other fans of the game and developers alike. In the end, the limited number of invitations proved to be very useful when shortly after the 8 PM start, hundreds of people showed up at our chosen location. Soon the place was as packed with people as a Löwe tank is packed with firepower and everybody was happily chatting away about their favourite Wargaming game.


Head of Community “Moneo” stealing the spotlight


There were many players representing renowned clans and eSports teams such as Odem Mortis, Druckwelle and Kazna Kru.

Odem Mortis striking a pose!


Druckwelle chilling at the bar


Our staff members were everywhere to make sure that everyone was having a good time and could share feedback. Many players were long-time Wargaming aficionados who have been following their Wargaming game of choice for many years. For some of them, it was the second or even third time coming to one of our renowned Community gatherings. 

Our self-proclaimed ‘oldest German tanker’ made an appearance at the Community party as well. Here he is, explaining to Content Editor “LittleCesar” why he still loves his arty. 


Jose “Dehlroh” in the crossfire of fans, questioning him about the latest developments in the game!


Our World of Warplanes Product Specialist, Michael “AidenTaan” sharing his knowledge.


Q&A Session with World of Warplanes Persha Studios General Manager, Oleg Gotynyan


The party was also visited by Wargaming CEO, Victor Kislyi and CEO of Gas Powered Games, Chris Taylor. Players had the opportunity to meet them in person, and also participate in a special quiz. The competition was fierce as the questions involved deep knowledge about the companies, but the rewards were extraordinary! 10 lucky players proved that that their knowledge of our products was unmatched, and were rewarded with a special VIP bonus code containing among other things, the legendary Type 59 tank!

“Yes. That’s Victor!”


“What do you say Chris, was that the correct answer?”


“Is this your final answer? You know you can still use the 50:50 or phone a friend!”



One of the proud winners with his prize!


We would like to thank everyone who accepted our invitation and attended the party – you all made this event a blast!