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Clan Spotlight: Third Campaign Second Stage Recap - Kazna Kru

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Many people will know Kazna Kru from their strong presence in various Wargaming and ESL tournaments. It’s no surprise that the clan is also known as a dominant force in Clan Wars.  We recently spoke to kattovisch in order to get some feedback on the clan and their activity in the second stage.

How did you prepare for this stage, did you do something special?

We bought a jar of Nutella and a case of beer. Dr_Tuer drank up all the beer and everyone else got stuck in with the Nutella. We still haven't found Dr_Tuer." 

Kazna Kru
sure don’t mess around when it comes to their prep!  Thanks for the interview guys and good luck for the rest of the campaign!

Read our full chat with kattovisch on our forums here.


Roll out to the final stage!