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We Rise Again [R1SE]

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We Rise Again [R1SE]

We’re continuing with our series in which we have a chat with a representative from a clan. 

We recently sat down for a virtual cup of coffee with kyrahihi, the Clan Commander for We Rise Again [R1SE], a clan which only formed about four months ago to focus primarily on Clan Wars.

It seems We Rise Again is a relatively chilled bunch of players because when we asked how they managed to deal with internal clan disputes, this is what kyrahihi had to say:


Although it may seem hard to believe, I don’t remember any real disagreements between players. I think this is especially because most of them are mature guys, with families at home, who know how to respect someone  even though its an internet “friend” only.

Sure, there are groups made, with some players spending more time in platoons with same guys, but I think this is everywhere, and when it comes to Clan Wars they all join the same team and play as a group.


Sounds like a decent bunch of players — good luck to them!

Read our full chat with kyrahihi here in the forum.


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