Together against Cancer – Community Streams 2019

Hello Commanders!

Fallen13, commander of the clan “Die Eisernen Löwen”, has put in a lot of effort to organise a fantastic fundraiser. All the collected money will support the palliative care unit of the Horst Schmitt Clinic in Wiesbaden, Germany. Your donations will help to fund a dog therapy program, an initiative that brings specifically trained therapy dogs to the hospital in an effort to spread joy among the patients and comfort them in their time of need.

If you would like to support the fundraiser, click on the button below. It will take you directly to the donation page.


Please note that you have the choice to support the donation platform as well. This is optional, meaning the amount for can be set to 0, if desired.

Streams for a good cause

However, donating is not the only way to support this great action. From 16 November to 6 December, there are a number of World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes streams all dedicated to the fundraiser.

Make sure to tune in, ask your questions about the cause and don’t forget to donate. In addition to a good time with well-known streams, there are also plenty of gifts waiting for some lucky winners.

So far, the following streamers have announced their support:

16.11.2019, from 08:00 CET, (in English)

World of Tanks with WHO Community-Team

17.11.2019, from 18:00 CET

World of Warships with Suistar7

19.11.2019, from 20:00 CET

World of Tanks with Moerp

21.11.2019, from 20:00 CET

World of Warplanes with Hifire2142

23.11.2019, from 11:00 CET

World of Tanks with Ohare

27.11.2019, from 20:00 CET

World of Tanks with Moerp and Fallen13

29.11.2019, from 13:00 CET

World of Warships with Cloud2011

30.11.2019, from 20:15 CET

World of Warships with Suistar7

 01.12.2019, all day

World of Tanks with Mootality

06.12.2019, from 20:00 CET

World of Warplanes with Angry_Chilli

Gifts include:

  • x3 Tier VII Premium tanks of your choice,
  • x5 3 days World of Tanks Premium account,
  • x2 7 days World of Tanks Premium account,
  • 5 VIP bonus codes “Bretagne” signed by Richard "The Challenger" Cutland,
  • 3 signed Sabaton CDs,
  • 1 World of Warships poster signed by Sabaton,
  • 1 plush torpedo,
  • 1 “super bonus code" for World of Warships,
  • x2 World of Warships VIP codes,
  • 1 World of Warships VIP code signed by Dasha
  • 1 T-shirt signed by Dasha,
  • 20 T6 Aircobra with art.

So there are a lot of good reasons to be there, but the best reason, of course, is to support the good cause!


Roll out!

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