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Event Recap: Aalborg, Denmark, Wargaming visits the Forsvars and Springeren museums

Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting two museums in Aalborg, Denmark, and invited our Danish players to join us. The day started off at the Defence and Garrison Museum where 100 lucky players had their admission covered and were eligible to receive a special goodie bag and t-shirt.

Visitors were then split into two different groups. One group toured the museum as the other group attended a Q&A session about our games. The groups then swapped places to experience the other session.






At around lunchtime we took a short walk to the Springeren Maritime Museum, which is named after the imposing Delfinen class Submarine that is the feature exhibit there.







Beside the Springeren is another popular attraction, the Søløven-class fast patrol boat “Søbjørnen”. Between these 2 vehicles we were hard pushed to have enough time to see everything else!


It was a pleasure to meet so many of our Danish players and visit two amazing museums. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got home safely.


More pictures by Ectar, Tanatoy and W4RGAMER can be found in our Flickr album!