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9.3 Community Contributor Spotlight

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Greetings Commanders!

With Update 9.3 now released, there is lot of information to take on board regarding all of the changes. Whilst we would always recommend that players check out the latest patch notes, we also would recommend checking out some of the various player-created previews from the most recent test server which hosted the new 9.3 content. This will help you get right up to speed on the new changes, find out which new tank suits your play style and know the best places to cover on Murovanka!

We’ve included a small selection below. To watch even more videos check out the new 9.3 dedicated video thread on our forums!

You can also find our recent Q&A thread on Reddit with a focus on the 9.3 update.


DezGamez - World of Tanks World of Tanks 9.3 Update Trailer


Jingles - World of Tanks - Patch 9.3 Vehicle Changes


Quickybaby - World of Tanks || SpahPanzer Ru 251 - 9.3 Preview


Highflyer15 - World of Tanks | Patch 9.3 | T49 - Big Derp or Small Derp?


Roll out, Commanders!