Winterest Tank Flakes Chosen!

Tank creators!

The recent Winter Tank Flakes contest has elicited the best of your artistic skills and raise the mood of all WoTers who view your works. Having received lots of works, we could not help multiplying the number of winners as the submitted tank flakes do look great.

Here they come, the creators of best flakes:

  1. Locastan (6000 Gold)
  2. Matej_CRO (6000 Gold)
  3. Mapster13 (5000 Gold)
  4. s3q1297 (5000 Gold)
  5. Jadpanther (4000 Gold)
  6. Zniszczenie (4000 Gold)
  7. Lorden (3000 Gold)
  8. Stavroscz (3000 Gold)
  9. Sushi11 (2000 Gold)
  10. DragonPL24 (2000 Gold)
  11. Dekurion (1000 Gold)
  12. Lamxi (1000 Gold)

And the following players will get special prizes for their works:

Many thanks to all participants for livening up the upcoming Christmas and see you next contest!

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