Winter Tank Flakes

Ordinary people are getting ready for the Holiday season by decorating X-mas trees with toys, walls and doors with garlands and wreaths. Tankers are no ordinary people. They would rather crown an X-mas tree with a HEAT shell then an angel; no offence to its cuteness and feathers.

We would like you to show off your decorating talents and ingenuity by producing paper tank-flakes as opposed to ‘normal’ snow-flake replicas. Cut and carve your favourite vehicle with scissors, plaster it to your walls, doors or windows, and then send us a picture of it. The most creative makers will be awarded with prizes. There are no limits or restrictions, only your own imagination.

You will have from now, 1 December, to 11 December, 23:59 UTC, to post your work.

We will select winners based on their creativity and award the six best with gold: 1st – 6000, 2nd – 5000, 3rd – 4000, 4th – 3000, 5th – 2000, 6th – 1000.

Surprise yourself and impress us.

Tank playfully!

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