Wildcard Contest

Tank Commanders!

As you all know, the 8.0 update has been released. Here at Wargaming HQ, we need data from all tank commanders providing your feedback on the new battlefields. Be it your impressions of the new graphics, the physics or any other Version 8.0 related matter such as the new tanks, we need to hear about it all! Tell us your thoughts by sending a postcard to us at HQ, and have the chance to win gold!

Here are the rules:
  1. One entry per player is allowed.
  2. The image must be somehow related to the launch of Version 8.0.
  3. Images can be hand-drawn or printed – there are no restrictions
  4. The postcard must have the player’s username on it.
  5. Entries will be accepted that have a post-stamp dated on or before the 9th of October 2012.
  6. Postcards arriving after the 16th of October cannot take part in the contest, regardless of the time stamp on the postcard.
  7. The postcard image and text must not violate moral, ethical and legal standards.
All postcards must be sent to this address:

Wildcard Contest
BP 80125

Here at headquarters, we will review all of the intelligence that you send in. The best 50 entries will receive 500 gold to reinforce their equipment.


We're looking forward to hear from you, Commanders!

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