Touch Tag Contest


Do you remember the thread we created in order to get your ideas for future contests?  We collected up the best suggestions and now it’s time to implement one of them!  This contest was suggested by slybouze on the French forum earlier this year.  The World of Tanks community team liked the idea and decided to get this show on the road.  For submitting the idea, slybouze will get 2000 gold.  Congrats!

The rules for this contest are very simple: You just need to have the names of all 15 players from the enemy team displayed on the final score list. They can be listed as damaged or destroyed.


The reward for this contest is equally simple – each winner will receive 1000!

What’s more - the number of winners is unlimited.  All those who manage to hit every enemy will win!


In order to enter this contest and stand a chance at winning, you just need to follow all the instructions below:

  • Send us both:
    • A replay of the battle
    • A screenshot of the final score in which every player (15 in total) from the enemy team has to appear at least once as damaged or destroyed.
  • The entries must:
    • Be sent to
    • Contain the required files as attachments
    • Have the following in the subject line: [Touch Tag Contest _ in-game nick name]
  • Only one entry per player is allowed.
  • Eligible battles must take place between Friday, August 10th and Friday August 17th. You have until 17th August before 24:00 CEST (10:00 pm GMT) to send your replays.
  • Only random battles can been taken into account. Tank companies and training battles are not allowed.

It’s time to show us your skills, commanders!  During this contest, don’t focus on one target – get out there and touch every enemy!

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