Tier I in Charge Contest Video


Once again, your skills on the battlefield have amazed us. Many of you took take part in our Tier I in Charge contest, but a few brought it to a level that really left us truly impressed. Some entries were so amazing though, that we made a video from them!


To illustrate the great coordination and teamwork that contest required, we have worked on some of the replays that were provided to us and are happy to offer you today another epic battle video.  In order to win the contest, the Tier I tank needed to gain the Invader achievement for gaining more than 80 capture points whilst capping the base.

Sit back and enjoy the show provided by Muppetti, Rusakkoo, Undivine and Jiipeetee from clan [RSOP] and the rest of their team!


Recording your own Epic Battles is easy!

Just go to your garage screen and open the Game Menu. From there click on 'Settings' and go to the tab for 'Game'. Just check the box at the bottom to 'Enable battle recording' and you are done! Your recordings will be automatically saved to a folder called 'replays' which can be found in the main Word of Tanks folder and will be created at the time of your first recording.

 Would you like to be in our next video? Take part in our future contests or upload your own Epic Battle to the Forum section.

 Once again, congratulations to the winners and to the [RSOP] clan!

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