Tank Factor: Top 50 Tracks Announced


The Wargaming community stepped up and let us know which of the tons of tracks submitted to the Tank Factor were their favorites. After an intense voting period, you all whittled down the tunes in the cover and remix category to just 50. Now, it’s up to the experts on the World of Tanks Audio Team and Akira Yamaoka to select their top 10 from each category and pick the ultimate winners.

We are aware of some technical difficulties affecting the Tank Factor. However, we must stress that these problems only nominally affected the results. In response to this, the judging panel, led by Akira Yamaoka, has decided to establish a special prize for those who didn’t make it into TOP 50 to show they have truly enjoyed everyone’s tracks and the fantastic effort shown by all who entered.

“I have been blown away by both the quantity and the quality of tracks submitted to the contest,” said Akira. “That’s why, as head of the judging panel, I’ve decided to establish a special prize—for the most original and professional cover and remix among those who will not make it into the Top 50. It's a shame we can’t give an award to everyone, so I want to thank the talented World of Tanks community members once more for sharing their wonderful music with all of us.”

And, of course, we want to thank all those who voted and helped the Tank Factor applicants during the contest.

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