MVP: Tank General

We welcome the tankers to partake in the new Most Valuable Player contest to prove to be the toughest medium tank! All you should do to win is to follow the rules enumerated in the special submissions thread and... to hit as many tanks as possible!

The goal of the medium-tanker is to score the largest amount or non-modified (excluding 50% bonus provided by premium account, double exp for first victory, x5 exp during specials) experience and claim superiority among tier 9 medium tanks:

  • M46
  • E-50
  • T-54

All the entries are to be submitted by 19:00 UTC November 13, 2011. Only battles played since the launch of the contest and up to its finish counts.

The following awards will be waiting for their owners:

1st place - 7500 gold

2nd place - 5000 gold

3rd place - 3000 gold

No time to waste time so get into your steel beast and ride out to scare the hood!

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