Kill the Mods


They tell you what to do and how to behave – you will show them how to fight!

Starting from 19:00 UTC until 22:00 UTC from 6 January through 8 January the team of Moderators will be ploughing battlefields in search of an easy prey.

Moderators have assembled a tank company of their own and challenge all of you to a fair yet uncompromising battle. Use this chance to demonstrate them your tankmanship, tank-wits, and tankegy. Get your mates into a tank company and answer the Moderators’ call to arms.

Leave them no chance, show them no mercy!

The event rules:

1)      Mods will participate in compagnies of type Junior, Medium and Absolute.

2)      Everyone in a winner team gets 250 gold

To prove your battle win, take a screenshot of your battle results showing both teams and post it in the corresponding forum thread. One screenshot per team is enough.

Stay strong and good luck!

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