Kill the Courier!


Do you want to get a chance to win 250 Gold? Are you armed and ready to enter the battlefield? If yes, stay prepared and don’t be shy when you spot the courier. All you have to do is shoot him!

Five Courier players will be plowing through your tanks on the battlefield again. The event begins on February 3rd and ends on February 5th from 14:00 GMT until 22:00 GMT.

You know the procedure. Destroy the couriers as fast as you can and you will be rewarded!

Important! Please note that in order to prove the kill you will need to submit screenshots. Players, submissions not adhering to these rules will not be taken into account.

You can submit your screenshots here.

Only the enemy couriers can be destroyed. Attacks and actions against your own team are striclty prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary actions taken by World of Tanks. 

The Couriers will drive under the following nicknames:

  • Courier_WG
  • Courier_WG2
  • WG_courier3
  • WG_courier4
  • WG_courier5

And they will use the vehicles of tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. No SPGs.


  • Leichttraktor  
  • PzKpfw 35 (t) 
  • Marder II 
  • PzKpfw III
  • StuG III 


  • RenaultFT
  • D1
  • D2
  • B1
  • BDR G1B


  • T1 Cunningham 
  • T2 Medium Tank 
  • M3 Stuart 
  • M3 Lee 
  • M10 Wolverine 


  • MS-1
  • BT-2 
  • MkVII Tetrarch 
  • BT-7 
  • SU-85B 
  • SU-85 

Good luck on the battlefield!

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