Kill the Courier: Rememberance Day & Patton's Birthday. UPDATE

We welcome our players to partake in the new Kill the Courier: Rememberance Day & Patton's Birthday event due to take place on the upcoming weekend from 14:00 UTC until 22:00 UTC through November 11th-13th.

The two game accounts will be used by the desperate traitors:

  • Courier_WG
  • Courier_WG2
UPD. The Courier will use one of the following vehicles:
  • M46 Patton
  • M26 Pershing
  • Wolverine
  • Slugger
  • M3 Stuart
  • M4 Sherman
  • M4A3E8
  • M4A3E2
  • M4A2E4
  • M3 Lee
  • M5 Stuart

Please, post the screenshots proving the Courier is destroyed in the special thread.

Join the battle on the specified days at 14:00-22:00 UTC through November 11th-13th to get 250 Gold for destroying the Courier vehicle.

So join the battle and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!

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