Kill the Courier: Charles de Gaulle' s B-Day. UPDATE

The new Kill the Courier event sneaks in on you unpredicted! It will take place on November 22nd, from 14:00 UTC till 23:00 UTC, the day of Charles de Gaulle' s B-Day. As usual, the task of our players is extraordinary simple: just destroy the player with the nickname Courier_WG when you see him in the enemy team. We remind you that team kill and team damage are strictly punished, even when it's the Courier!

And good news for all of you: now the chances of detecting him grow even bigger: this time there will be FIVE Couriers partaking in the event istead of the previous two!

UPD. The Courier vehicles are the following:

  • S35 739 (f)
  • B2 740 (f)
  • 38H735 ( f )

Please, submit the prooving screenshots in the special forum thread after destroying the Courier - the thread will be open on November 22nd at the start of the event.

And surely, your effort will be awarded with a good prize: 250 Gold reward will go to each player, who destroys the enemy Courier.

Stay tuned and get ready to Kill the Courier!

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