The Kamikaze Weekend



This weekend, put your shells back on racks in the ammunition depot – this time you won’t need them! Your tank is huge, your tank is massive… so this is your chance to destabilize, destroy and dismantle your enemies!

Your main goal for this weekend is to ram your enemy (preferably) to death and get the Kamikaze achievement. Record everything by using the battle Replay option and get your chance to participate in the competition. Win fame!


We will collect your replays and select only the 30 most interesting ones. The winners can look forward to:

  • Posting their replays on the WoT website and the YouTube channel
  • Earning the forum title: “Official Kamikaze”
  • Getting 1000 gold per person
Rules for participation

If you think these exciting prizes are for you, just follow the rules to validate your participation. 

  • Time frame:  Friday February 3rd  – Monday February 6th
  •  Battle type: Random battle (platoons included)
  • 1 entry per player
  • A Kamikaze achievement is required for a valid entry
  • Send your entry to:  with your [Kamikaze contest- player nickname] in the email’s subject line together with the following attachments :
    • A screenshot of the after battle garage log in with a visible kamikaze medal
    • A replay file renamed to a player in-game nick

Be careful! Submissions not adhering to these rules will not be taken into account!

Sequence of the draw

In order to pick up the winners, the CM team member will draw 30 participants amongst the best replays.

Set ramming speed, brace for impact and… Good luck!

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