Kamikaze Contest


Are you an expert kamikaze tanker?  Do you regularly leave behind the crushed remains of your enemies after driving over them in battle?  After all, why bother with ammo, when it is so much satisfying to simply drive up to your enemy and smash into them?  Destruction up close is so much more personal, after all.

This week, we have a contest for you to show off your skills at ramming your opponents.  Simply score as many kills as you can in battle by ramming enemy vehicles, send us the replay and proof of Kamikaze medal and wait to see if you have won!

The contest starts on Friday 13th July and continues until Thursday 19th July at 23:59 CEST (21:59 GMT).  Submissions will be accepted until Sunday 22nd July at 23:59 CEST (21:59 GMT).

The winners will be those who score the highest number of kills by ramming.  If multiple entries have the same amount of kills, they will be sorted based on who gained the most experience for the battle (as usual, premium bonus counts but first victory bonus does not).

Here are the rules:

  •  Only one entry per player allowed.
  • A Kamikaze medal is required for a valid entry.
  • Send your entry by email to contests_eu@wargaming.net.  The email subject line must be in the following format [Kamikaze Contest – Number of Rammed Kills - In-Game Name].
  • The email must include two attachments: a screenshot of the after-battle log showing your kamikaze medal and a replay file renamed to your in-game name.  (for example: lady_inquisitor.wotreplay).  The replay must have been recorded during the contest period.
  • There are no limitations on which tanks can be used for this contest.
  •  If multiple entries have the same number of ramming kills, they will be sorted by experience gained.

Here are the prizes:

1st Place

5000 gold

2nd Place

3000 gold

3rd Place

1500 gold

4th - 7th Place

1000 gold

8th - 10th Place

500 gold

Good luck in the contest and happy ramming!

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