Kamikaze Contest Video

Do you remember the Kamikaze Contest?  Whilst the winners have been announced already, we felt that it was time to bring back some memories of the contest!  In our video, you can see the topl kamikaze drivers in action and perhaps learn some tips from the masters about the joy of ramming.

Just in case you can’t remember, the aim of the contest was to destroy as many enemy vehicles as you could by ramming into them, receive the kamikaze special achievement while doing it. In other words, getting up close and personal with your enemies, something which is never an easy task!

The video we have prepared for you is a compilation of scenes from replays sent to us by Bujnik, Merkury29 and PalleCabana, who were 3 out of 10 winners of the contest.   Sit back and watch some good ramming!

Once again, congratulations to the winners of the contest! We hope that you enjoyed the video and that soon there will be even more professional kamikazes roaming the World of Tanks battlefields.

Roll out commanders and get ramming!