Catwalk Contest - Man Up and Get Some

Last week we recorded a short video called “World of Tanks goes J!NX! Man up and get some!

We wanted to show you some of the best World of Tanks t-shirts which are now available on the J!NX website.

We showed off our sexy catwalk skills, so now it´s your turn! Make a video reply to our video with your own catwalk moves, showing us how you would show off a new Jinx shirt. You can do a solo show or bring in friends and family.  Use our YouTube video as an example and try to beat our moves if you can.


What can you win?

This time around, every video will win a prize! However, some of the best videos will receive a Type 59, Type 62 or KV-5 Tank! Show off some wicked moves! These rare tanks will be hard to get!


Please make sure to follow the instructions below:

  • Your YouTube video quality should be at least 720p HD.
  • In the description of your video, don’t forget to list the in-game names of the people that are in your video!
  • You have two weeks to submit your entry (Starting today March 27th, closing April 09th)
  • Don’t forget to say or include something mentioning Wargaming or World of Tanks
  • Your video can´t be shorter than 3 seconds and longer than 30 seconds
  • Here’s the important part! Your reply has to be uploaded on YouTube as a “video response” to our World of Tanks goes J!NX! Man up and get some! (Please, follow the instructions). Any video that is not be linked to ours won´t count!
  • Please keep in mind that we will be sharing some of the videos on our World of Tanks Facebook page.
  • Please make sure your videos are appropriate and follow YouTube’s terms of service. Nudity, vulgarity or any other form of inappropriate material uploaded will not be accepted.
  • By uploading your video, you agree that the material uploaded might be used and published by in a promotional video. Please remember to respect the rules of our EULA and TOS.


Good luck, Commanders!

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