J!NX Contest: Design your own World of Tanks T-shirt!

The great success of the partnership of World of Tanks and J!NX has given us cause to rest on our laurels but we won’t. We want to push it even further and give you more! We present our new initiative: a contest held by J!NX to design your own World of Tanks T-shirt. The deal is rather special: you design your T-shirt and we will make it available for purchase, and even reward you with other amazing prizes such as J!NX Gift vouchers and J!NX apparel. Keep reading. This is not all!

The contest begins on June the 1st, and you will have one whole month until 30th June 23:59 CEST (GMT+2), to submit your design.



Submissions will be screened by both Wargaming and J!NX. Those submissions which pass the approval process will be posted on the J!NX website for public voting.

The best five designs will be put into production, and their designers will be rewarded with:
  • $250 J!NX Gift voucher
  • Type 59 + Garage Slot
  • 1 Year Premium
  • 5,000 in-game Gold
  • World of Tanks clothing and accessories package
  • All five winning design contest tees


And the ten Runners-Up will receive:
  • $50 J!NX WoT Gift Code
  • Tank Type 62 + garage slot
  • 6 Month Premium
  • 2,500 in-game Gold
  • Duck Crossing sticker
  • 1 winning design contest tee



Please keep in mind that if your art doesn’t fit our theme or doesn’t follow the rules, it will not qualify for the contest! So, please, stay on target:

  • Use the Submission Kit.
  • Your submission must be 100% your own. No existing game assets, screenshots, logos, icons, photo sampling, etc. are allowed.
  • Your design must be easily identified as a tank from the World of Tanks universe.
  • All designs must be appropriate for an audience of all ages – this means it must not include obscene, offensive or racist imagery or phrases.
  • Two images must be submitted: a 150x150 px thumbnail of your design, and a main display image which should be exactly 900 px wide and 533 px tall.
  • Preserve editing capabilities (layers) in your final submission art.


Visit the J!nx website to participate!