Hunt us down#1!


We know your secret dream. There is no point in denying it – you want to kill us all. Now this dream may come true! Every Friday and Saturday during this month, you will have the opportunity to hunt us down. Don’t miss it, you could take your revenge, have fun and at the same time win rewards!

The rule is simple : the first one to kill our members wins. Of course, teamkills are strongly prohibited. 

On Friday, the 3rd February and Saturday, the 4th of February, during one hour, three times a day (at 11:00, 16:00 and 18:00, CET), enter the battlefield and shoot us.

Our team members are :

  • WG_Community_Alfa
  • WG_Community_Bravo
  • WG_Community_Charlie
  • WG_Community_Delta

The community team will be equipped with Tier VI to Tier X tanks and will be active in Random battles.

Don’t be shy, they are well-trained! So just enter the battlefield and kill them!

Try your luck! The reward is 250 gold per kill!

So grab your best tank and go!

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