Heads up: Hunt us Down


Do you know what to do to get more gold? Yes! Destroy the Wargaming tanks or help them if they're in your team. Are you ready to face us on the battlefield?

This week's sessions will be held on Tuesday, April 17th and Thursday April 19th at 12:00, 16:00 and 18:00 CEST (10:00am, 2:00pm and 4:00pm GMT). The contest consists of 3 sessions, one hour each.


The main goal stays the same: try to destroy the World of Tanks team member. The first one who gets him, wins 500 gold per kill!

If you're a part of the Wargaming tank team, try to keep it alive. If WG_Community account survives the battle and their team wins, every Battle Hero from their team receives 250 gold!

On Tuesday, we will drive tier VI to tier X.  

On Thursday, we will drive tier II to VI.

Our team members are:

  • wg_community_alfa
  • wg_community_bravo
  • wg_community_charlie
  • wg_community_delta
  • wg_community_echo
  • wg_community_foxtrot

Some of our tanks will be driven by the following team members:

  • Supercharge
  • Tuccy
  • Obirian
  • rishyu
  • Blanchard
  • Elitxu

You don't have to take screenshots of your victory. The Wargaming team member will do it for you!

The Last Week's Winners (Tuesday, April 10th and Thursday, April 12th)

The World of Tanks team hunters win 500 gold (1000 in Thursday hunting) per kill and the Battle Heroes from the Wargaming teams receive 250  gold (500 in Thursday hunting) each!

Now, it's time to congratulate the winners:

Last week Hunters
Advisco gadzior machouDAgreat sperowchook
Akkezdetphia gagin73 Manicx SpikeLG
Alikzander Gazguy mathias2102 spotak
Archangel_Srb Goxero mav24 SuE22
bambrozie gropaster meXus Surpant
blue_mirage Guthammer meXus tankman2468
boom30 HL65536 MoonSecreT ThePhon
Bruner1981 hsvertje Nit2b Tukan128
ChaosPhil iromandriver OFFczarek82 UnRapid
CoconutCookie Janeo666 Pankropka USGIshimura
Compibacsi janne100 Plassi Wartmalerst
Crown JohnnyPike quakum Warzon
DaDutchDude Klimasowna Razermausi witex14
Delciof KnigtriderPL ridicck1910 wojtoon
Dober_PL Krotchy Robotic10 Zammu
Dzeku7 LachsAndy sacalu14 Zielony1_PL
Ernestus92 Leandrus Skarnisk zimbas
Eufemia Ludi_Bre skillermiller  
flyingbullet Maawaatow Spaghetyn  
Last week Heroes
1986kris1986 Globuss Marqu92 siaromistrz
dadourlou Hans_terrier MEWA TheBestPlayer
domokun indexdwarf Nargoon0 velkybruch
ElementZla Isiovien NoDrama wulfspack
freementhol07 khaly87 NukeEM  
Freeze12 marik29 root87  

Congratulations to all af you and see you on the batlefields!

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